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Medals drop

Postby [DeCo] » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:09 pm


Events (every 60 mins): 250 Event - Medals for winning team members, /4 for looser team members, 10 for afk reported, (+ additional 250 for best healer, most flags taken(CTF), most points taken(Koth, Dom), most altars taken(FoS), most kills (TvT) )
Fortress siege: 500 Event - Medals for capturing the fort, clanwh spawned
Siege: 2000 Event - Medals for capturing the castle (defended), clanwh spawned
Voting (every 24 h): 500 Event - Medals
Battlegorund rank pvp,heal(every 45 mins): 250 Event - Medals, second place /2, third /3
Battleground PvP (Geniue PvP): 12 Event - Medals

Raid boss (77 lvl+): ~ 350 Event -Medals (depends on level, and some random +-)
Medal keeper (inside Battleground, mob has 7% chance to become one) - 8 Event - Medals
Normal mob (inside Battleground, if u were pvping, first 10 ones) - 2 Event Medal

Every drop will become higher over the days due to Economy system but this is the base for drop.
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