1. Staff Members
Staff members are marked ingame with orange name and title.
Respect all staff members, do not impersonate them, do not make threats to them.

2. Game accounts
Taking care of your Game account is your responsibility only, do not share any information about it with other people.
Selling accounts/ingame items/favours for real life money is strongly prohibited.

3. Third party software & Exploits
Using any clicking/automatic/bot program is strongly prohibited.
Any kind of ingame exploits are forbidden and must be reported to a Staff Member immediately.

4. Community
Scamming is allowed, if you don't want to lose items then don't trade or drop them.
It is forbidden to use curse words, in any form - character names, clan names or titles.
You must use english language on global chats (shout, trade and hero).
It is forbidden to afk at automated pvp events.

5. Punishment
We claim all rights for punishing players without naming the reason for punishment.
We dont have any outside Gamemasters so no investigation is needed when the punishment is carried out.
Complaining about punishment about particular case or in general is not allowed.

Keep an eye on this section, we might change/add some rules from time to time.

Play for your fun and let others have fun as well! :)

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